Vitality Communications is the custom-publishing arm of StayWell, the largest provider of consumer health materials in the United States.

Today’s consumers are more involved than ever before in their own health care and wellness choices, and millions are seeking reliable health information. The challenge for health care providers, hospitals, employers, managed care organizations and the pharmaceutical industry is to provide comprehensive, up-to-date and accurate health information in a vital, dynamic presentation that grabs consumer attention.

Vitality Communications thrives on meeting this challenge and delivering targeted, top-quality, turnkey marketing solutions to the health care industry. We are renowned for connecting the dots between associations, hospitals, managed care organizations, the pharmaceutical industry and other companies. We work closely with customers, sponsors and vendors to identify needs, build partnerships and manage all aspects of strategizing, creating, executing and delivering customizable, scalable marketing products. We excel at exceeding customer expectations in everything we do.

Vitality Services
Our service platform combines proven creativity and production techniques with a can-do approach to customer service that ensures sustained successful partnerships.
Here’s how we do it:

Flexible turnkey approach
We can handle it all in-house, from concept to distribution. But we can also adapt everything we do to your specific needs.

Sponsorship and advertising
We are well-connected within our industry to the health care market at large. If the customer desires to lower production costs, we will secure sponsorships and sell advertising for any appropriate publication or project.

Customization options
We can create separate versions of everything we do for your specific market needs.

Spanish-language publications
Need a Spanish-language publication, or an existing English-language publication translated into Spanish? No problem. We can handle it.

Standards of Quality
Vitality’s creative team delivers top-quality, fully integrated magazines and marketing pieces that convey clear, accessible content in a user-friendly package—and put the power of a consistently branded message in the hands of the people you want to reach.

Editorial Sitemap and Posts
Vitality’s experienced team of editors draws from a wealth of proven, peer-reviewed resources in crafting editorial and marketing content that is both accurate and reliable, engaging and immediately accessible. We excel at translating dense scientific content into easily understood, audience-appropriate materials. We work closely with clients to create content that clearly communicates vital messages, authoritatively informs the reader and delivers measurable results for each client’s bottom line. As part of the StayWell family of health care media companies, Vitality is also able to put content from such established resources as Krames patient education materials and Harvard Health Publications to work for your communications products.

Art and Production
Vitality’s award-winning art department works seamlessly with editorial to bring you a quality product—on time! Our art team is flexible and deeply experienced in meeting both regular magazine deadlines and irregular project deadlines. The publications we design and create marry careful brand adherence with creative, powerful designs that stand out from the crowd. Our team also excels in production and prepress, ensuring that what a client sees in the design phase is accurately represented in the printed piece.

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